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Rhea Pettway

Innovator. Perfectionist. Overall Passionate Stylist.

Since 1999 Rhea Pettway has not only been passionate about hair, but her thirst for maintaining healthy tresses coupled with educating herself on new and innovative hair trends, have kept her a step above the rest. She obtained her Business Degree from the University of Cincinnati in 2007, which has allowed her to grow her brand even more. In opening her salon in 2010 she made it her mission to give her clients a “straight with no chaser” cosmetologist experience, while focusing on what their hair concerns are.

Clients from all around come to her for hair advise, complimentary styling, and most importantly her expertise in caring for and maintaining the health of their hair. The sole creator of Tri-Fecta Hair Growth Oil, an oil that blends 100% Organic Raw Essential Oils, she is now forging into hair care products that represent her vision. Her motto has been and will always be “When you learn YOUR hair, the possibilities are endless!”

Rhea Pettway is devoted to giving her clients the hair experience they desire sprinkled with the knowledge of what their hair will always need!

Studio 914 Hair Salon

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